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Lens Types

Single Vision

Distance or reading only glasses.
EGW offers single vision lenses from $44.95 complete frame with lenses.


Places distance and near corrections in one lens.
Flat-top bifocals have a visible, lined segment at the bottom which contains the near correction.
EGW offers bifocals from $59.95 complete frame with lenses.


Places corrections for distance, intermediate and near all in one lens.
This lens has two visible, lined segments.
EGW offers trifocals from $99.95 complete frame with lenses.

No-Line Progressives

Distance, intermediate and near vision all in one lens.
NO visible lines.
EGW offers many designs starting from $139.95 complete frame with lenses.

Lens Materials


The most widely used spectacle lens material.


Highly impact-resistant, ideal for drilled and semi-rimless frames, childrens’ eyeglasses and safety eyeglasses.

High Index (1.60, 1.66, 1.67, 1.70, 1.74)

Ideal for higher prescriptions.


The latest super-impact-resistant lens.
More optically acute than polycarbonate.


Heaviest of all lenses, but also the hardest surface.

Lens Options


EGW offers transitions on most lenses starting at $75.00.

Anti-Reflective Coating

EGW offers non-glare coatings ranging from basic to state of the art including Crizal.

Scratch Coat

EGW offers a basic scratch coat for free on all glasses. State of the art TD2 scratch coatings are available for only $25.00 and include a 2 year warranty against scratching.


EGW can tint most glasses any color and any density. Tint’s start at just $20.00

Polarized Lenses

EGW offers polarized lenses in premium Nu-Polar brands. Prices vary based on lens type.

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