Re-Lens Your Frame

Need new prescription lenses in your own frame? No Problem. At Eyeglass Wearhouse, we're happy to put new eyeglass lenses into your frame and we never charge an extra fee to do so! Here's our process for eyeglass lens replacement:

1) Stop in with your current prescription and the frames you'd like to use.

2) We'll evaluate that the frame is in good condition to have new lenses put in.

3) Depending on frame/lens style we'll determine if we need to send the frame off to our specialty lab or if we can process your lenses in house with our digital finishing lab. Often times we do not need to keep your frame while we create lenses. If we can process in house, we'll take measurements and order the lenses. Once they arrive, we'll schedule a time for you to bring your frames in and we'll have your glasses done within the hour. It's as easy as that!

Questions? Email us at or stop in at either location today!